covpicA discerning look at primary English language teaching

In a world where primary English language learning is increasingly in demand, where local contexts limit the possibilities for primary teachers and parents want immediate and measurable results, the role of the primary teacher is more in the spot light than ever before. Balancing these requirements becomes a juggling act leaving teachers with very limited time to reflect on how the many requirements placed on them by students, parents, line managers, trainers, principals, policy makers and governments impact the most crucial part of teaching – to facilitate learning.

This page will reflect on the current state of primary English language education in both the private and public sectors, keeping at the forefront the business of the primary classroom – the learning. With an overwhelming wealth of materials and activities available to the primary teacher, I’d like to discuss the essentials of the primary language learning experience, and offer practical solutions for navigating the tricky path the primary teacher treads. It’s about the nitty-gritty of teaching young learners in an ever changing context.

Throughout my career as a teacher, teacher trainer and educational manager I have learnt so much from my colleagues and students, and know how important your expert views are. If any of this rings true with you then please read my blog posts and follow me on Facebook  Twitter or LinkedIn

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