New Directions


Having held a number of managerial Young Learner roles at British Council and International House I have recently taken the plunge and gone freelance. Working for these schools has given me deep insights into the mechanics of primary language learning, but I have increasingly felt there is more to our chosen profession than educating the rich. I have long suspected that whilst working in the private sector provides amazing language learning opportunities to those who attend after school lessons, it exacerbates the growing divide between the rich and poor, the urban and the rural. There must be a better way to provide quality English language instruction to all children regardless of their position in life.

I’m working on a number of projects at the moment, including writing an online primary teacher training course for teachers in China, and providing teacher training sessions for a major publisher of ELT materials. The project I’m most excited about involves 3 weeks in Lebanon where I will be providing English language assistance to Syrian refugee children.

So I will kick off this fledgling blog next week with my first proper post written from Beirut! I’m excited to see how the project will develop, and hope I will be able to positively impact the lives of the displaced Syrian children in Lebanon and the amazing teachers who are helping them. So until then, happy teaching!

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